The Tsukimori Len fanlisting was launched on May 23, 2008. Thank you once again to Anais, who took wonderful care of the fanlisting before passing it on to me ♥

The title was inspired from a piece by Beethoven entitled Piano Sonata No. 14, otherwise known as Moonlight Sonata. It may seem a little ironic that I named the fanlisting after a piano composition, since he plays the violin, but I believe Tsukimori represents the moon in many ways. The moon symbolizes a subtle brilliance, gracefulness, and solitude~ all of which fits Tsukimori's image perfectly ♪ The Japanese kanji character for moon 「月」 is also a part of his name, so the title had to be moon-inspired X3

Version 2 Ai no Aisatsu was launched in celebration of crosslisting the fanlisting into the Games category, so it uses only game images. It features a blend of images set against a sky blue theme, Tsukimori's image color. For this design, I focused the theme on Love, Dream, and HappinessLove is represented by the bond between Tsukimori and his violin ★ Dream features pure fanservice sleeping beauty!Tsukimori and that super cute expression of his as he wakes up~ X3 Happiness is when you've won his heart over and he smiles just for you ♥


 (Series) Kiniro no Corda Etou Kiriya Fuyuumi Shoko Hino Kahoko Ousaki Shinobu Tsukimori & Hino Yunoki Azuma


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